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Pesthelp Limited, suppliers of professional standard pest control products and supplies, door and window fly screens and electric fly killers. Our pest control products to buy online are effective for the eradication and elimination of all household and garden insect or animal pests. 40 years experience in the pest control service industry and 12 years as online distributors, enables us to offer only the best and most effective pest control supplies, each chosen for their effectiveness to give a quick and easy solution to your pest problems or infestations. All of our products have been tried and tested before being offered for sale.
Featured Products
Clothes Moth Kill and Control Treatment  Kit 1
Clothes Moth Kill and Control Treatment Kit 1 is a combination of pest control products for the eradication of an infestation of clothes moths, their eggs and larvae in 1 - 2 rooms.
Pigeon & Bird Proof Anti-perching Spikes
Pigeon & Bird Proof Anti Perching Spikes Our Avian Anti Bird Proof Spikes are to combat the perching, roosting and nesting of birds such as pigeons, starlings and sparrows etc. For Seagulls please see our Seagull Spikes
Vector T10 Mosquito and Midge Killing Trap
The Vector Trap T10 Mosquito and Midge Killer Trap is for outdoor use to kill and eliminate mosquitoes and midges over an area up to 1500 square metre has been tried and tested in Scandinavia, where this trap has proved to be a great success with 50.000 Scandanavians!
Wasp, Hornet & Bee Nest Destroyer Kit 1
Our Wasp, Hornet and Bee Nest Destroyer Kit 1 is ideal for use where the wasps, hornets or bees nest CANNOT be seen, either inside the house such as in the loft, attic or roof void or outside in the garden such as in the lawn, in a garden shed or other outbuilding.
Fleas Fumigating Power Fogger
Fleas Fumigating Power Fogger will fumigate an area of up to 75 cubic metres to kill and get rid of fleas. Our price includes VAT.
Bower Professional Electric Lantern Fly Killer
The Bower Professional, Industrial or Commercial Electric Lantern Fly Killer is a strong and sturdy fly zapper made of a stainless steel construction with an 18 watt energy saving lynx ultraviolet [ uv ] blue light lamp.