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Bower Professional Electric Lantern Fly Killer
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Bower Professional Electric Lantern Fly Killer

The Bower Professional, Industrial or Commercial Electric Lantern Fly Killer is a strong and sturdy fly zapper made of a stainless steel construction with an 18 watt energy saving lynx ultraviolet [ uv ] blue light lamp.

The Bower Professional Electric Lantern Fly Killing Machine is ideal for use outdoors to combat flies, mosquitoes, moths, wasps and other flying pest insects and is widely used in pub beer gardens, in marquees and at outdoor corporate events for stopping problems with flying pests.

Effective fly and flying insect control is also achieved in a domestic environment such as on a patio, near the barbecue area or in the garden.

Bower Professional Electric Lantern Fly and Flying Insect Killing Zappers and Killers:

* Have a black lid, removable black fly catchment tray and come with a hanging chain

* The dimensions are: 400mm high x 300mm diameter.

* Coverage area of aprox. 100 sq. mtrs.

For spare or replacement uv bulbs for this unit, please visit Fly Killers Online Spare UV Tubes
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