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Clothes Moth Control | Kill & Repel Clothes Moths
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Clothes Moths

Clothes Moth Control | Stop and Prevent Moths in Wardrobes | Kill Moths in Clothes

Please scroll down below the written information about clothes moths to see our list of cloth moth pest control supplies.

We supply the best and most effective DIY pest control products available to buy online in the UK, France, Spain and other parts of Europe.

There are 2 types of cloth moths that are commonly found in homes. They are the 'case bearing' and 'common or webbing' clothes moths and it is the larvae of these insects that cause damage to clothes and fabrics.

How to get rid of Clothes Moths?

Thorough cleaning of the affected area is advised prior to any treatment to kill, get rid and remove an infestation of clothes moths.

Where clothes in wardrobes, drawer units or cupboards are affected, we advise you to remove the clothes and treat the inside of the cupboards with our liquid insecticide spray paying attention to cracks and crevices. When the spray has dried, clothes can be returned. Carpets with a wool content should be spray treated at least around the edges and if badly affected they should be fully spray treated. Full inspection of carpets may reveal affected areas under furniture where carpet pile has been eaten away by clothes or carpet moths.

Our products have been chosen for being the best and most effective in the treatment and eradication of a clothes moth problem.

We have 'Clothes Moth Treatment Kits' which consist of products suitable to get rid of a problem with these insect pests that eat away at your fabrics. We also supply individual products such as various killer spray insecticides and insect killing powders. If you prefer, you can purchase our organic products to eliminate and eradicate these pest insects.

We always recommend the use of some whole room smoke bomb foggers to give an all-round fumigation treatment to make sure these damage causing bugs are fully eliminated. Then, clothes moth repellent balls, rings and hangers should be placed in wardrobes and drawers to make sure they don't come back.

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Clothes Moth Kit 1
Clothes Moth Kit 1 A total treatment pest control product combination for the eradication of an infestation of domestic Clothes Moth case bearing clothes moth, wooly bear, cloth or webbing clothes moth.
Clothes Moths Kit 2
Clothes Moth Control Kit 2 for the treatment of 3 - 4 rooms.
Clothes Moth Kit 3
Clothes Moth Control Kit 3 for the treatment of an infestation of clothes moths in 5 - 6 rooms.
Protector C / Insectaclear C 1 Ltr. Clothes Moth Spray
Protector C / Insectaclear C 1 Ltr. Clothes Moth Insect Spray
Insectaclear C 5 Litre Clothes Moth Killer Spray
Insectaclear C 5 Ltr. Clothes Moth Insect Killer Spray
Trigger Hose for 5 Ltr. Insecticide (1)
Trigger Hose For 5 Ltr. Fabric Insect Killer
1.5 Litre Hand Held Pressure Sprayer (1)
1.5 Ltr. Hand Held Insecticide Sprayer The 1.5 Litre Professional Hand Held Sprayer can be used to spray liquid insecticides such as our Protector C / Insectaclear C, bought in a 5 ltr. container.
5 Litre Pressure Sprayer with Shoulder Strap (1)
5 Ltr Insecticide Sprayer with Shoulder Strap 5 Litre Professional Pressure Pump Insecticide Sprayer with a shoulder strap, is ideal for spray treating larger surfaces or areas with our Clothes Moths & Carpet Moth liquid insecticides.
Insectrol Clothes Moth Killer Powders (2 pack)
2 x Rentokil Insectrol Carpet Beetle, Carpet Moth and Clothes Moth Killer Powders - 150g each. Fast acting insecticidal powder killing treatment in a handy 150g puffer pack.
Clothes Moth Killer Aerosols (2 pack)
2 x Pack of Clothes Moth Killer Aerosols Clothes Moth Killer Aerosol kills clothes moths in wardrobes, cupboards, and other storage areas where clothes moths are active.
Clothes Moth Traps (pack of 2) (1)
Pack of 2 x Clothes Moths Pheromone Traps Clothes Moths Glue Traps attract the male clothes moth onto the moth trap by using a species specific pheromone attractant.
Clothes Moth Killer Strips (2 pack) (1)
Pack of 2 x Clothes Moth Killer Strips Clothes Moth Killer Strips to kill, stop and get rid of clothes and fabric moths. Clothes Moths Killer Strips are for use in wardrobes, drawers or suitcases to protect and prevent damage by clothes or cloth moths.
Mini Smoke Fumers for Clothes Moths (2 Pack)
2 x Mini Clothrs Moth Smoke Bomb Fumers 2 x Carpet Moth and Clothes Moth Fumigation Smoke Foggers.
Mini Smoke Bomb Fumers for Clothes Moths (4 pack)
4 x Clothes Moth Mini Smoke Bomb Fumers 4 x Mini Fumers known also as smoke bombs or smoke foggers which will give a moth fumigation treatment (Contains 13.5% w/w permethrin)
10 x Mini Smoke Fumers for Clothes Moths
10 x Mini Smoke Fumers for Carpet Beetles, Carpet Moths, Clothes Moths and their larvae Smoke Foggers for a moth fumigation treatment.
20 x Mini Smoke Bombs for Clothes Moths
20 x Mini Smoke Fumigation Foggers for a Moth fumigation treatment.
OA2KI Organic Clothes Moth Spray
OA2KI Organic Fabric Insect Spray (500ml) OA2KI is an organic and natural insecticide killer spray treatment for the killing, eradication and getting rid of a wide range of house hold crawling insect bugs or pests.
Diatomaceous Earth Clothes Moth Killer Powder (400g)
Diatomaceous Earth Clothes Moth Killing Powder 400g Diatomaceous Earth Carpet Beetle, Carpet Moth and Clothes Moth Killing Powder.
Diatomaceous Earth Clothes Moth Killer Powder (2kg)
Diatomaceous Earth Clothes Moth Killer Powder 2kg
Gilmour Mini Powder & Dust Blower
The 'Gilmour' Insecticide Powder or Dust Blower is a handheld professional applicator, invaluable in dispersing insecticide and pesticide killer powders for a treatment of pests such as ants, bed bugs, beetles, carpet beetles, carpet moths,
Clothes Moth Killer Hangers (2 pack)
2 x Clothes Moth Repeller Hangers Clothes Moth Repeller Hangers are for use in wardrobes or hanging spaces for clothing and where clothes are stored, to protect and prevent clothes moth damage.
Clothes Moth Repeller Balls (24 pack)
Pack of 24 Red Cedar Wood Clothes Moth Repellent Balls. Red Cedar is a natural repellent for clothes moths.
Clothes Moth Repeller Rings (12 pack)
Red Cedar is a natural repellent for Clothes Moths. These anti moth red cedarwood rings are ideal for putting onto clothes hangers or placing in clothes drawers, to naturally prevent and repel clothes moths with their fragrance of eastern aromatic red cedar.
Clothes Moth Refresher Spray
The Clothes Moth Repellents Refresher Spray is for use with our Clothes Moth Repeller Hangers, Red Cedar Wood Moth Repeller Rings and Red Cedar Wood Moth Repellent Balls, Garment Hangers, Underbed Storage Units and our Clothes Moth Proof Clothes Covers.