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Cluster Flies

Cluster Fly Control | Smoke Bombs Kill Cluster Flies | Get Rid of Attic Flies

Please scroll down the written information about cluster flies to see our cluster fly pest control supplies.

We supply the best and most effective DIY pest control products available to buy online in the UK, France, Spain and other parts of Europe.

Cluster Flies are commonly found in lofts, attics and roof spaces where they can gather in large numbers between Autumn and Spring to overwinter, emerging on warmer days when they can move into other rooms within the home or business. They can migrate down from their roof void 'homes' through ceiling lights and small cracks in the plasterwork to occupy bedrooms and they can come down cavity walls into lower rooms via air bricks in walls.

Cluster flies do not breed indoors, but as they gather in large numbers they can be a real nuisance in affected houses or buildings. If a house or building has a cluster fly problem, it is more than likely that this will persist and so regular treatments are required.

How to get rid of Cluster Flies?

Our products have been chosen for being the best and most effective in killing and getting rid of cluster flies, commonly known as attic or loft flies.

We have put together comprehensive 'Cluster Fly Treatment Kits' that will knock down and kill these flying insect pests. We also supply individual products such as insecticidal killer sprays, insecticide powders, automatic insecticide dispensers, traps and smoke bomb fumigators.

We would always advise that in conjunction with the products above, it is always a good idea to put in place an electric fly killing machine with especially deep trays for killing and catching any cluster fly that emerges.
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Cluster Fly Kit 1
Cluster Fly Treatment Kit 1 contains the products you need to quickly knock down and kill cluster flies.
Cluster Fly Killer Kit 2
The Cluster Fly Treatment Kit 2 kills the Cluster Flies present and continues to kill other Cluster Flies as they try entering the roof void or loft for a 4 month period. The Cluster Fly Kit comprises of:
Microspray Cluster Flies Aerosol & Dispenser
The Microspray Fly and Cluster Fly Killer Kit gives a regulated insecticide spray treatment for fly, cluster fly and flying insect control.
Cluster Flies Kit Replacement Aerosol
Cluster Fly Aerosol Refill Can
Cluster Flies Smoke Bombs (2 pack)
2 x Mini Fumers Cluster Fly Smoke Bombs
Cluster Flies Smoke Bombs (4 pack)
4 x Cluster Flies Mini Smoke Bomb Fumers
Cluster Fly Killer Smoke Bombs (10 pack)
10 x Mini Smke Bomb Fumers for Cluster Flies
20 x Cluster Flies Killer Smoke Bombs
20 x Mini Smoke Bomb Fumers for Cluster Flies
Insecto Cluster Fly & Fly Spray (2 pack)
The Insecto has replaced 'Sorsec' and is a powerful fly and flying insect killer spray to control and eradicate all types of flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects including cluster flies, house flies, bluebottle flies, fruit flies, beer flies, flying beetles, flying ants, midges and wasps etc.
Insectaclear C 1 Ltr. Cluster Fly Spray
Insectaclear C is an environmentally friendly treatment spray to kill, stop and get rid of Cluster Flies and house hold flying and crawling insects with direct spraying or by spraying wall surfaces where flies land or insects crawl.
Insectaclear C 5 Ltr. Cluster Flies Killer Spray
Insectaclear C Cluster Flies & Fly Killer Insecticide (5 Ltrs)
1.5 Litre Pump Sprayer
Hand Held Pressure Sprayer 1.5 ltr
5 Litre Pressure Sprayer with shoulder strap
5 Litre Pressure Sprayer Pump Action Sprayer to dispense liquid insecticides.
Cluster Buster Cluster Flies Trap
Cluster Buster Cluster Flies Trap is an effective method of catching and trapping problem cluster flies.
OA2KI Organic Cluster Fly & Insect Killer Spray
OA2KI Organic Cluster Fly & Bug Killer Spray (500 ml)
Diatomaceous Earth Cluster Flies Killer Powder (500g)
400g Diatomaceous Earth Fly and Flying Insect Killing Powder and Face Mask.
Diatomaceous Earth Cluster Flies Killer Powder (2kg)
Diatomaceous Earth Cluster Fly and Flying Insect Killing Powder is a most effective killer of flies, cluster flies and other flying pest insects.
Gilmour Insecticide Powder and Dust Blower
The 'Gilmour' Insecticide Powder or Dust Blower is a handheld professional applicator, invaluable in dispersing insecticide and pesticide killer powders for a treatment of flying and crawling insect pests.
Fly Catcher Papers (3 x Packs of 4 fly papers)
Fly Strips - Fly Catcher Papers (3 x Packs of 4) Simply hang the strips in affected areas where cluster flies are present. The flies will stick to the fly papers.
Rentokil Fly Killer Cassette
Rentokil Slow Release Fly Killer Cassette will kill, repel, deter and stop problems with flies and other flying bug insects.