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Flea Power Fogger Fumigation Treatment
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Flea Power Fogger Fumigation Treatment

Flea Power Fogger Fumigation Treatment

(contains permethrin)

Flea Power Fogger for giving a mist fumigation treatment against Fleas in the house or business.

Use this Flea Power Fogger as an alternative to flea fogging smokes if you prefer not to have to 'light' the smoke bomb type fumigator.

This Flea Power Fogger releases a fine mist from a pressurised cannister.

This Flea Power Fogger will treat a whole room of up to 75 cubic metres killing, stopping and getting rid of a flea infestation.

The contents of this Flea Power Fogger canister discharges a fine mist which infiltrates all hiding places of fleas to eradicate your biting insect problem.
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