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Please scroll down below the written information about garden moles to see our list of  mole pest control supplies.

We supply the best and most effective DIY pest control products available to buy online in the UK, France, Spain and other parts of Europe.

If you have a garden mole problem and the moles outside are digging tunnels or creating molehills, these problems are not only unsightly but cause weakness in the structure of the garden or lawn, eradcation of moles is a must!

How to get rid of Garden Moles?

Our products have been chosen for being the best and most effective to stop and get rid of moles.

Our product range for stopping and getting rid of moles includes organic repellent granules that are biodegradable and will not harm your lawn or flower beds, battery-operated and solar powered repellers and chasers as well as live catch tunnel traps for catching moles alive. These are all humane methods for eradicating this common garden pest.

If you want to kill moles, we offer the claw or scissor trap and 'Duffus' tunnel trap which will catch and kill moles quickly in as humane a way as possible.

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Garden Mole Repellent Granules 450g
Garden Mole Repellent Granules will deter, repel and stop moles and voles from lawn and outdoor garden areas.
Ultrasonic Garden Mole Repeller
Ultrasonic Garden Mole Repeller is a battery powered unit to repel, deter and drive away unwanted garden moles.
Solar Powered Mole Repeller
Solar Powered Mole Repellers offer an eco friendly way of repelling, deterring and getting rid of unwanted garden moles.
Humane Live Catch Mole Traps x 2
Humane 'Live Catch' Mole Traps are for catching and trapping garden moles alive. This particular Humane 'Live Catch' Mole Trap is the best and most effective model that we have tried and tested.
Claw or Scissor Mole Killing Traps x 2
If you have a garden mole pest problem and want to kill the moles, these claw or scissor mole traps are a tradional method of killing, stopping and getting rid of your garden mole pest problem.
Duffus or Tunnel Mole Killer Traps
Pack of 2 x Duffus or Tunnel Mole Killer Traps. These traps are a traditional method of trapping. killing and getting rid of a problem with garden moles.