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Mosquitoes and Midges

Mosquito and Midge Pest Control | Mosquitoe Sprays | Repel Mosquitoes | Prevent Mosquito Bites

Please scroll down below the written information about mosquitoes and midges to see our range of mosquito and midge pest control supplies.

We supply the best and most effective DIY pest control products available to buy online the UK, France, Spain and other parts of Europe.

There are many species of mosquitoe [commonly known as 'mozzies'] found throughout the world and there are 33 different types found in the UK, few of which bite humans, with most preferring to bite animals or birds. In many parts of the world, mosquitoes carry diseases and recently we have had press reports of the 'Zika' and 'Killer' mosquitoes now being present the UK. Midges are small, two winged flies that form swarms and breeds near water and marshy areas.

How to get rid of Mosquitoes and Midges?

Our products have been chosen for being the best and most effective in stopping and getting of mosquitoe and midge problems.

Our products to kill or repel mosquitoes, midges and other flying and biting insects, whether outside in the garden or inside the home, include the very effective 'Vector' mosquitoe and midge killing trap, a plug in 'mozzie' killer, an insecticide automatic spray dispersal unit, killer aerosol sprays,  portable repellent units and repelling sprays, bug zappers and catchers for mosquitoes and midges.
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Vector T10 Mosquito and Midge Killing Trap
The Vector Trap T10 Mosquito and Midge Killer Trap is for outdoor use to kill and eliminate mosquitoes and midges over an area up to 1500 square metre has been tried and tested in Scandinavia, where this trap has proved to be a great success with 50.000 Scandanavians!
Vector T10 Mosquito & Midge Killer Trap Lure
"Octenol" Lure for use in the Amplecta and T10 Mosquitoe and Midge Killer Trap. Mosquitoes and midges are attracted by this "Octenol" Lure and then become trapped inside the Amplecta mosquitoe and midge trap, eradicating and eliminating your problem with these troublesome insects.
Mosquito and Midge Killing Aerosol Dispenser Kit
Our Mosquito Killing Aerosol Dispenser Kit is an automatic insecticide dispensor for exterminating mosquitoes in the home or business.
Mosquito and Midge Killer Aerosol Spray Refill Cans
These replacement can aerosols are sold individually and are only for use with the Mosquito Killing Aersol Dispenser Kit unit. 1 x Refill aerosol can will last for approx: one month.
2 x Insecto Aerosols to Kill Mosquitoes and Midges
'Insecto Super' Mosquito and Flying Insect Kill Spray Aerosols - 300ml each 0.25% tetramethrin & 0.25% permethrin Insecto is a powerful mosquito, fly and flying insect killer for direct spraying of problem pest insects giving a quick knock down and kill effect.
1 x Plug In Mosquito Killer
This compact Plug In, Blue Light Anti Mosquito Killer Unit ideal for home use or on holiday.
Moquito and Midge Swatter and Zapper
The Bug Zappa Mosquito and Fly Swatter is a battery powered unit that kills mosquitoes, flies, wasps and other flying insect pests.
Mosquito, Midge and Flying Insect Repeller Cassette
The Rentokil 'Slow Release' Mosquito and Fly Repellent Cassette will repel, deter, stop and get rid of mosquitoes, flies and other flying pest insects.
1 x Prevent Personal Protection Aerosol
'Prevent' Personal Protection Aerosol Spray (contains 1% pyrethrins) 'Prevent' is a pocket-sized aerosol spray (11cm tall) which gives 400 measured doses of a natural repellent insecticide for use as personal protection to repel, deter, stop and get rid of mosquitoes and other flying insects and to prevent mosquito and other insect bites and insect stings.
Prevent Mosquito & Midge Repellent Wipes
'Preven't Mosquitoe and Midge Repellent Wipes x 15 'Prevent' Mosquito and Midge Repellent Wipes are made with 100% natural pyrethrum from African Chrysanthemums. 1 x 'Prevent' Mosquito and Midge repellent wipe will protect one adult or child from bites from mosquitoes, midges and other flying and crawling insect pests.
Human Insect Catcher to Catch Mosquitoes and Midges
The Bug Buster Mosquitoe and Insect Catcher humanely catches mosquitoes and other insects from ceilings, walls and almost anywhere.