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Pigeon & Bird Proof Anti-perching Spikes
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Pigeon & Bird Proof Anti-perching Spikes

Pigeon & Bird Proof Anti Perching Spikes

Our Avian Anti Bird Proof Spikes are to combat the perching, roosting and nesting of birds such as pigeons, starlings and sparrows etc. For Seagulls please see our Seagull Spikes

We have chosen this pigeon and bird proofing and deterrent spikes system because of it's effectiveness, almost invisible appearance when fitted and because they are easy to install.

These 4 point polycarbonate bird proof spikes for pigeons, starlings and smaller birds, are ultra violet [uv] protected to give long life.

These bird deterrent and repellent spikes stand 112mm high, will protect to a width of 212mm. They are suitable for use on window sills, ledges, edges of roofs, pipes, gutters or any flat surface where pigeons, or other nuisance birds perch or roost whether on a domestic or commercial property.

We have rigourously tested these bird control spikes and have every confidence in their efficiency and effectiveness in deterring pigeons, starlings and other types of problem birds.

Use our Pigeon, Bird and Seagull Proof Spike Adhesive to fix the spikes to brickwork or concrete ledges and sills.

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