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Rabbit Pest Control | Rabbit Repellers & Traps | Get Rid of Rabbits | Humane Rabbit Control

Please scroll down below the written information about rabbits to see our list of rabbit pest control supplies.

We supply the best and most effective DIY pest control products available to buy online in the UK, France, Spain and other parts of Europe.

Rabbits can cause considerable damage in the garden by nibbling at plants, digging holes or scrapping in lawns and flower beds. They are prolific breeders and even if you have installed 'rabbit proof fencing', they can still manage to tunnel underneath.

How to get rid of Rabbits?

Our products have been chosen for being the best and most effective to repel, deter, stop and get rid of a rabbit problem.

Our product range includes wild animal repellent granules, that you sprinkle around the areas where you wish to stop a nuisance rabbit. We supply electronic and ultra sonic sound wild animal repellers as well as a water jet spray away repellent device to scare away problem rabbit. We also stock a superior quality live catch cage trap for catching and trapping rabbits that we have tried and tested with excellent results. These are all humane methods of eradicating this type of garden pest.
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Rabbit & Wild Animal Repellent Granules
Fox, Rabbit, Badger and Wild Animal Repellent Granules (contains aluminium ammonia sulphate) This product is suitable to repel, deter and stop problems with Foxes, Rabbits, Hares, Badgers and Deer.
Pest Stop Outdoor Repeller for Rabbits
The Pest Stop Outdoor Repeller for Foxes and Rabbits is one of the best ultrasonic repellent animal scarers on the market. Pest Stop Outdoor Fox and Rabbit Pest Repellers or Scarers have a 3 position frequency setting and will repel and deter foxes and rabbits.
Solar Power Kit Powers the Pest Stop Outdoor Rabbit Repeller
Solar Power Kit for use with the Pest Stop Outdoor Repeller. The Solar Power Kit dispenses with the need of connecting to an electricity supply to these long distance and long range, ultra sonic repellent scarers.
Pestban Ultrasonic Rabbit Scarer and Chaser
OUT OF STOCK Pestban Ultra Sonic Outdoor Animal Chaser is an innovative and very effective fox, rabbit, badger and deer repeller that uses computer controlled, high frequency ultra sound sonic waves to drive away unwanted outdoor pests.
Water Jet Spray Rabbit Repeller
Water Jet Repeller for scaring away foxes, rabbits, badgers and deer. This water spray deterrent unit works on a pir - passive infra red - motion sensory detector system that can sense when an unwanted animal comes into its range which is 10metres / 30 feet in front of the unit, in an arc of 120 degrees.
Rabbit & Hare Humane Live Catch Cage Trap
Our humane live catch Rabbit and Hare Cage Trap is the best and most effective cage traps we have tried and tested for catching and trapping rabbits and hares.