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Clothes Moths

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Thank you for looking through our range of Clothes Moth Pest Control Products and Supplies.
If you prefer to order by telephone, please give us a call on 03330 119703 UK. We supply the best and most effective DIY Clothes Moth control products available to buy online for delivery throughout the UK, France, Italy, Spain, other parts of Europe and the rest of the World.
How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths ?

Clothes Moths can fly into the home or business as they are often found outside in the garden and often reside in birds nests. They are also found in various plants or shrubs in the garden before they make your home their home. Very often these insects then settle themselves into loft insulation where they live and breed. Clothes Moths can also be brought into the home after being in close contact with someone who has has a clothes moth problem in their house or they can come into the home after buying garments in charity shops.
The main clothes eating bugs are the webbing clothes moth and the case bearing clothes moth and the brown house moth, the tapestry moth and the carpet moth can also eat away at garments made of cotton, linen, silk and wool. It is the larval stage of all these insects that cause the damage.
We have put together three comprehensive Clothes Moth Kill and Control Treamtment Kits, as well as other pest control products which include, Insecticide and Organic Killing Sprays, Insecticide and Organic Killer Powders, a Clothes Moth Fumigating Power Fogger and Fumigation Smoke Bombs. We also supply Pheromone Traps, Wardrobe Hangers and Drawer Papers and all of these products are for killing or preventing a problem with clothes moths. If you would like to repel or prevent a problem with fabric eating bugs, we stock Wooden Moth Balls and Coat Hanger Rings made of Red Cedar Wood as well as a Refresher Spray to treat these repellent products roughly about every 6 months. 
Our products have been chosen for being the best and most effective in the treatment and eradication of Clothes Moths. These products will kill or repel, stop and get rid of garment eating insects found in the home or business.
What is the Best and Most effective way of stopping and getting rid of Clothes Moths?

* Check garments in wardrobes, drawers, storage boxes and suitcases for signs of damage
* Wash all clothes or take to the dry cleaners. If washing, use the hottest wash possible
* Check all carpets around carpet edges and under all the furniture which are common areas to find the larvae
* Vacuum all carpets and rugs thoroughly, emptying the contents into a black bag or a closed container
* Vacuum all curtains and soft furnishings thoroughly, emptying the contents into a black bag or a closed container
* Spray inside wardrobes and drawers [ empty of clothes ], carpets, curtains and soft furnishings in any affected room with our clothes moth killing sprays
* Apply our clothes moth killer powders around the edges of the room where the floor and wall meet
* During the course of the treatment any visible, live clothes moths or larvae should be spot treated
* Fumigate the affected room with either our power fogger or our smoke bombs
* Fumigate the loft, attic or roof void areas to kill any of these insect pests that are living and breeding in the loft insulation