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Electronic Mouse Repeller 2500 - Indoor

Electronic Mouse Repeller 2500 - Indoor

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Electronic Mouse Repeller 2500 is for INDOOR use only. This plug in repellent device will drive out rodent mice in an area of up to 2500 square feet / 232 square metres to give a whole house coverage for a 2 / 3 bedroom house or small industrial unit. See also our larger 4000 repeller.

Electronic Mouse Repeller 2500 - Indoor use ONLY is a plug in device for repelling and deterring mice from the home or business.

Mice, when they are inside a property may have found their way under floors or behind kitchen units or they may have found their way into the attic, loft or roof void area. Mice can transmit diseases and they can be a fire hazard by chewing through electrical wiring, so it is imperative that you get rid of these rodent pests.

  •   For indoor use only
  •   Plug into the room affected or if for use just to stop a possible mouse infestation, plug into a central point of the property.
  •   Works on electromagnetic and ultrasonic sound waves to drive out these rodents
  •   Once the pest has been driven out, plug in the device on the landing or in the hall and use only the electromagnetic setting to maintain your property mouse, rat, squirrel and some crawling insects free
  •  This unit will then cover up to 2500 square feet / 232 square metres, such as the size of a 2 to 3 bedroom house
  •   UK and Europes best selling mouse repellent
  •   Humane method of mouse pest control
  •   Inaudible to the human ear, cats, dogs, fish and birds
  •   2 year warranty

Once the problem mice have been driven out, we advise that you locate the entry point and block this to prevent the pests from returning. Please note that it may take up to 3 x weeks if there is a mouse colony with young.

We also supply this unit in a 2 pin model for use on the Continent in countries such as France, Italy or Spain. To order the 2 pin European model, please call on UK 03330 119703.

See also our Electronic Mouse Repeller 4000 - Indoor.

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