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Squirrel Control

Electronic Squirrel Repeller 2500 - Indoor

Electronic Squirrel Repeller 2500 - Indoor

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Electronic Squirrel Repeller 2500 is for indoor use only. This plug in repellent device should be plugged directly into the loft or attic area, where squirrels are often a nuisance. If no plug point is available, use an extension cable to get the repeller into the area to drive out squirrels.
Electronic Squirrel Repeller 2500 is only for use inside the home or business.

* INDOOR* use only.

These award winning electromagnetic and ultrasonic squirrel pest repellers are the best and most effective repellent units you can buy for the eradication and elimination of these pest rodents.

The best way to repel, deter and stop squirrels is with this device which is Europe's top selling squirrel pest repeller.

The plug in deterrent is suitable for use in an average sized house of up to 2500 sq.ft. This unit will penetrate walls and ceilings where electric wires run to rid your house of nuisance squirrels and other rodents and many crawling insects!

If you are hearing sounds in bedroom ceilings or walls it is most likely that a squirrel or squirrels have invaded your property and are living in the loft, attic or roof space. Just plug in this unit and you can start repelling and getting rid of these pests.

Once the problem squirrel has been driven out, we advise that you locate the entry point and block this to prevent the squirrel returning.

The use of this device is a humane method of Squirrel Pest Control.

Suitable for an average sized loft, attic or roof void.
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