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Flies - Fruit and General

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Thank you for looking through our range of Fly Pest Control Products and Supplies.

If you prefer to order by telephone or need any advice, please give us a call on 03330 119703 UK. We supply the best and most effective DIY Fly control products to buy online for delivery throughout the UK, France, Italy, Spain, other parts of Europe and the rest of the World.

How to Get Rid of Flies found in the Home, Garden or Business?

There are many species of flies and flying insects in the UK including common house flies, lesser house flies, beer flies, blow flies, bluebottles, cluster flies, face flies, flesh flies, flying ants, flying beetles, fruit flies, garden flies, gnats, greenbottles, horse or stable flies, maggots, midges, moths, sand flies and sewage flies.

If you have a Cluster Fly problem, which are also known as attic, loft or roof flies as they tend to inhabit and cause problems in these areas, please see our 'Flies - Cluster' category.

If you have a Fruit or Beer Fly problem, a House or Garden Fly problem then we have put together a selection of products to kill and stop these flying insect pests.

We have a Fruit and Beer Fly Kill and Control Treatment Kit as well as Fruit and Beer Fly Traps, we have Insecticide and Organic Killing Sprays and Insecticide and Organic Killer Powders. We supply a Fly Fumigating Power Fogger as well as Fumigation Smoke Bombs. We also supply a selection of complementary products such as a fly killing cassette, fly papers and traps, a fly zapper and some fly repellent bin bags.

Our products have been chosen for being the best and most effective in the treatment and eradication of Flies and Flying Insects. These products will kill, repel, stop and get rid of flying bugs found in the home, garden or business.