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Fly Control

Flies Mini Fumigation Smoke Bombs x 4

Flies Mini Fumigation Smoke Bombs x 4

£12.95 £10.79 (ex. VAT)
Flies Mini Fumigation Smoke Bombs x 4 will flush out and kill flying insects to get rid of a fly problem. Our price includes VAT.
Flies Mini Fumigation Smoke Bombs x 4. Each contains 13.5% w/w permethrin.

These Forte Fog P Mini Smoke Bombs generate an insecticide smoke that fills the air space, seeping into cracks and crevices exterminating cluster flies, house flies, fruit flies and all other types of flying and crawling insects.

Each Forte Fog P Mini Smoke Fumer is for treating any enclosed area such as the loft, attic or roof spaces to kill, stop, get rid and control an infestation of cluster fly, housefly, blue bottle fly, mosquito, wasp, moth and any other flying or crawling insect.

Easy to use the Forte Fog P Mini Smoke Fumers should be placed on a hard, non-flammable surface. Once lit the smoke infiltrates all nooks and crannies, to treat the problem area and eradicate flies and cluster flies that live and breed in these 'hideaway' areas.

The treated area should be vaccated for a period of about 8 hours after the fly fumigation treatment has commenced before re-entering to room.

4 Forte Fog P generators will disinfest an average size loft, attic, roof space or room, killing, stopping and getting rid of cluster flies, house flies and all other flying or crawling insects giving total fly and insect pest control.
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