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Cluster Fly Control

Gilmour Cluster Fly Killer Powder and Dust Blower

Gilmour Cluster Fly Killer Powder and Dust Blower

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Gilmour Cluster Fly Killer Powder and Dust Blower has a long reach nozzle with a tilt and turn head. Allows an application of cluster flies killing powders into out of the way places where these insects like to live and hide.
Gilmour Cluster Fly Killer Powder and Dust Blower is a handheld professional applicator, invaluable in dispersing insecticide and pesticide killer powders for a treatment of flying and crawling insect pests.

With this Powder and Dust Blower you can get the insect killing powder deep into cracks and crevices where many insect pests and bugs like to live and breed.

The Gilmour Insecticide Powder and Dust Blower is ideal for use in applying killer powders around wall edges, skirting boards, pipe boxing, loft spaces, attics and roof voids etc., which is where many insects like to hide.

The Gilmour Powder or Duster Blower holds up to 2kg of insect killing powder. It has a strong metal pump which will not dent or corrode.

The 'Gilmour' comes with an extra long extension tube to access awkward areas and has a "crack and crevice tip" for narrow gaps or holes.

This method of getting the killer insect powder to the source of the insect pest infestation will give a quick kill and therefore stop and get rid of an insect or bug problem, whether in the home, house hold, business or garden.

This Gilmour Insecticide Powder or Dust Blower can be used with all of our insecticidal treatment powders.
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