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Prikka Strip Squirrel Deterrent Cones - 5 metres

Prikka Strip Squirrel Deterrent Cones - 5 metres

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Prikka Strip Squirrel Deterrent Cones - 5 metres, consists of 3 x rows of pointed plastic spikes. Scored length ways these strips can be fitted to the top of fences, walls or any other structure where you want to deter nuisance squirrels. Also known as 'Anti Climb' plastic spikes as they will prevent human and animal intruders from gaining entry to your property. Sold in 5 x metre lengths, you can buy as many multiples thereof.
Prikka Strip Squirrel Deterrent Cones provide a deterrent method to stop unwelcome squirrels from coming into your garden or outdoor area. Ideal for use on fence or wall tops, windowsills and other structures as animals find the plastic cones / spikes uncomfortable.

These Prikka Strip plastic cones are also known as 'Anti Climb' spikes as they can be for use in stopping human and animal intruders such as cats, dogs and foxes that are trying to gain access to your property.

Here you can buy 5 x metres of Prikka Strip or multiples thereof just by Adding to Cart and entering the number of 5 x metre bundles you require.

See also our Prikka Strip Squirrel Deterrent Cones in a 1 x metre bundle or multiples thereof.
  •   Each metre comes in 2 x 19.5" / 500mm lengths
  •   Width 1.70" / 45mm
  •   Height 0.60" / 15mm
  •   Comprises of a triple row of pointed spikes / cones
  •   Made of moulded polypropylene [ a very strong plastic ]
  •   Each strip is scored lengthways [ double hinged ] to enable fixing to awkward shapes such as tops of fences and around pipes or other irregular surfaces
  •   Has pre-formed holes to screw the strips in place or the Prikka Strips can be glued in place with the use of our Fix All Adhesive
  •   Weatherproof and long lasting
  •   Humane and harmless
The plastic spikes are staggered for the best maximum effect but with minimum harm and is therefore an excellent, effective and humane method of squirrel pest control to deter and stop problem squirrels that are coming into your garden to dig, scratch, leave a mess or steal the bird food.

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