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Thank you for looking through our range of Silverfish Pest Control Products and Supplies.
If you prefer to order by telephone or need any advice, please give us a call on 03330 119703 UK. We supply the best and most effective DIY Silverfish control products to buy online for delivery throughout the UK, France, Italy, Spain, other parts of Europe and the rest of the World.
How to Get Rid of Silverfish found in the Home or Business?

Silverfish are also known as 'firebrats' or 'bristletails' and they like to live and breed in damp areas such as in kitchens and bathrooms, therefore it is always a good idea to ventilate these rooms when you can. Silverfish can also travel along air ducts and although they cannot fly, as they do not have wings, a problem from one of your neighbours properties could spread to your property. The best solution is to carry out a thorough pest control treatment.

We have put together two comprehensive Silverfish Kill and Control Treatment Kits, as well as other pest control products, which include Electronic Insect Repellers, Insecticide and Organic Insect Killing Sprays, Insecticide and Organic Insect Killer Powders and Insect Glue Traps.

Our products have been chosen for being the best and most effective in the treatment and eradication of silverfish. These pest control products will kill or repel, stop and get rid of these shiny silver insects found in the home, business or garden.