How to get rid of Squirrels

Squirrels look so cute but the Grey Squirrel is classed as a rodent.

In the UK there are two types of squirrels that are normally found: The Red Squirrel, whose numbers have decreased rapidly in recent decades since the Grey Squirrel was introduced in the late 1800’s as a fashionable addition to large country estates. These grey coloured mammals were larger than the native Red Squirrel and they produced more young and so soon they out-numbered Red Squirrels which are more timid and now may be seen only in woodland and countryside areas. It is the Grey Squirrels that are more intrusive in and around human habitats and urban areas and they are classed as pest rodents.

Grey squirrels can be cute and amusing when seen outdoors but they can also easily become a nuisance when they come into the garden or when they move indoors to nest in roof voids, attics or lofts of the home or business.

In the garden grey squirrels can be a problem as they are attracted by food left for birds in bird feeders or on the lawn and these rodent pests will also eat plants in the garden. Continuing to feed birds will encourage more squirrels to come and eat from the free food source and they will then try to set up home close to where the free food is available. This could mean moving in to the house usually in a roof void, attic or loft space where they can then cause disturbance to the inhabitants of the home at the very least. Once inside the home, squirrels can cause a fire hazard by chewing on electrical wires and they can cause potential water damage by gnawing on plastic water pipes. Therefore it is a must to stop and get rid of these animals.

When squirrels have entered roof voids, attics or lofts it is important to locate the possible entry and exit points which could be at the overhang of the guttering around the soffit boards or under the eaves of the property. Once the entry and exit points have been found, make note but do not seal them until you are sure that no squirrels are left indoors or the squirrels will try to find another exit route which could mean accessing the living areas of the home. Only when it is evident that the squirrels have been driven away, is it time to seal up the entry points.

How to get rid of Squirrels outside in the garden or inside in the loft or attic area?

The most effective methods of getting rid of squirrels in the garden is to use our Mains Electric Outdoor Squirrel Repeller or the Battery Operated Outdoor Squirrel Repeller or the Water Jet Spray Squirrel Repeller. We stock a Squirrel Repellent and Deterrent Spray to stop these rodents from stealing the bird food and strips of Squirrel Repellent Plastic Spikes to fix to the top of walls and fences to prevent access into the garden by these animal pests.

If you have squirrels inside the home or business the best way they can be repelled and driven out is with the use of one of our Ultrasonic Indoor Squirrel Repellers [ available in 2 x sizes depending on the size of your house or business ].

Lastly for use indoors or outdoors is our humane Squirrel Cage Trap that is made of galvanised steel and will last for years.

If you catch a live squirrel, our advice is to contact a local wildlife rescue centre in your area. Very often these sanctuaries have the necessary license to release caught squirrels back into the wild.