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Scarecrow 180 Bird Dispersal System

Scarecrow 180 Bird Dispersal System

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Scarecrow 180 Bird Dispersal System is a stand alone unit that emits 10 different distress calls of birds to make other problem birds think there is danger and so they stay away from the area. Covers up to 20,000 square metres this bird repelling unit is ideal for use in public parks, shopping centres, public arenas, airports, marinas, on yachts and ships or other large areas where bird pest control is needed.
Scarecrow 180 Bird Dispersal System is a 'bio acoustic' [ audible ] bird repeller to stop and get rid of blackbirds, crows, gulls, magpies, pigeons, rooks, seagulls, sparrows, starlings and other nuisance birds.

This is a totally stand alone unit that works without human intervention to emit natural species distress calls which makes wild birds think that there is danger in the area.

The distress calls included as standard are of the Black Headed Gull, Canada Goose 1 and 2, Crow, Gull, Herring Gull, Jackdaw, Pigeon, Rook and Starling. Other calls can be included, if you need any help just call us on 03330 119703 or drop us an email info@pesthelp.co.uk

The Scarecrow 180 Bird Dispersal System is ideal and effective for use in agricultural fields, public parks, grounds of stately homes, grounds of country homes that are used for private or corporate functions, university campuses, hospitals, public arenas, golf courses, pedestrian precincts, shopping centres, airports, large fishing and leisure harbours, yachts, ships or other areas where bird pest control is required.

This compact bird repeller can also be used in villages and towns or areas populated by humans as the distress call sounds sent out by the unit are at a natural sound level and therefore not intrusive.
  • Audible
  • Digitally recorded natural species distress calls
  • Has 10 x distress calls
  • Has 3 x built in speakers
  • Is fully automatic
  • Mains electric powered
  • Covers 180 degrees in front of the unit in a total area of up to 215278 square feet / 20,000 square metres
  • Built in keypad to control the settings on the unit
  • Variable volume, random play and alternation between the speakers creates perception of a moving predator
  • Comes with U clamp for mounting on a pole or can be wall mounted
  • Dimensions 13.5" / 340mm x 8.6" / 220mm x 10" / 250mm
  • IP Rating: IP55
  • 12 month warranty
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